Accounting Essay

The accounting profession is a recognized field that requires a license to practice as a certified accountant. Th Certified Public Accounting (CPA) exam is one of the measuring tools taken and passed for accountants to practice within this field. The certification relies upon and gives the public assurance that the work of an accountant can be relied upon when reports are presented. To keep in accordance with the changing environment, the accounting exam is changing the format as of April 20, 2017.

In your paper, state clearly the changes in the exam, the basic content of the CPA exam and define clearly the difference between the old and new exam. All the changes should be clearly addressed in your paper. In addition, you should also include the reasons for earning a CPA license, the benefits of a CPA, the pros and cons of a CPA, the career opportunities available, and the education and skills needed to become a CPA.

Write a 10-page paper surrounding these issues. The paper should be done in APA format.

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