After reviewing the Practicum Weekly Resources record responses to the following in your Journal

After reviewing the Practicum Weekly Resources, record responses to the following in your Journal:

1)       List three insights you gained from the video. (

2)       What invention either in the video or on the Singularity University website do you find most intriguing? Why? (

Journal Assignment—Part 2

Note: Each week, you are responsible for locating a scholarly journal article in the Walden Library related to your area(s) of interest. Include in your Journal the reference in proper APA format, and provide a brief summary of the article. (See Below and attached PDF file)


Shultz, S., & Hand, M. W. (2015). Usability: A Concept Analysis. Journal Of Theory Construction & Testing, 19(2), 65-70.


Journal Assignment—Part 3

Practicum Onsite Visits

Summarize the key activities of your visits to your Practicum site (as appropriate), including with whom you met, what you did, and what you gained from the experience.





Practicum Weekly Resources


    SingularityHUB. (2012). Category: Longevity and health. Retrieved from

 This web page is SingularityHUB’s portal for new stories related to longevity and health. Most stories are oriented toward new discoveries or potential future developments.




    Kraft, D. (2011). Medicine’s future? There’s an app for that. TED Talks. Retrieved from

In this TED Talk video, Daniel Kraft examines the future of innovation in medicine. In particular, Kraft focuses on new diagnostic bedside apps, tools, and tests.



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