Analysis Report -Health Economics

For this assignment, you will complete an analysis report of the case study below. Use the provided resources as a starting point for your own research.


Case Study: Quality vs. Access


The Affordable Care Act raised the Medicaid reimbursement levels to Medicare levels, resulting in improved appointment availability for Medicaid recipients. One of the components of the Affordable Care Act now coming into effect is the reporting of quality measurements and tying these into reimbursement. Some of the measurements are subjective, such as patient satisfaction, while others are quantitative, such as percentage of patients with their diabetes under control. Patient adherence to treatment plans has been shown to be as low as 40%. Opponents of the rating system say this system will result in more difficult and low socio-economic group patients being turned away by providers. 


    How could the payment system be modified to reward quality of care but not result in reduced access to those in lower socio-economic groups or with poorer health?




Wherry, Laura R., and Sarah Miller. "Early coverage, access, utilization, and health effects associated with the Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansions: A quasi-experimental study." Annals of internal medicine (2016). zation-health-effects-associated-affordable-care-act


Martin, Leslie R., et al. "The challenge of patient adherence." TherClin RiskManag 1.3 (2005): 189-199.



Make sure to include all of the following sections in your report. You can reorder the sections to ensure your report flows. 


     Introduction: Briefly introduce the case study you have chosen for this report. In addition, clearly state the purpose of the analysis and what you hope to prove in the report.



     Stakeholders: Identify the stakeholders who are involved in your case study. Discuss the entities who have an interest in the situation. How do their interests affect your ability to find a solution? 

     Overview: Provide a succinct overview of the current situation relating to your case study. 

     Analysis: Provide an analysis of the situation. Make sure to discuss the incentives or lack thereof. How have the current incentives caused the problem? Address the specific questions posed in your chosen case study. Apply the concepts you have been exposed to throughout the course to aid in your analysis. 

     Recommendations: Based upon your analysis, make appropriate recommendations that could alleviate or solve the presented problem. 


     References: Make sure to support your claims with reputable resources. All citation should follow the most current version of AMA style. 

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