Antivirus Software, Malware Removal, and Internet Security

There are many types of vendor software programs available for antivirus, malware, and Internet security, including open source, freely downloadable, and commercially available off-the-shelf software applications. You should be familiar with as many of these software applications as possible to determine what is needed to protect and monitor against attacks and intrusions and to mitigate the vulnerabilities.

Compile a list, and describe at least 10 of the most widely used antivirus software, malware removal, and Internet security applications. Clearly provide a description of each application, how many devices it may be installed on, and what operating systems can be protected by the application. Include the benefits of each application and any vulnerabilities it may have.

Number your list of applications, and for each entry, provide the name and website location. Provide a conclusion and describe which of the applications you think is the best for your computer system.
Your project should be a minimum of two pages in length, double-spaced
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