Applying Neurobiological Concepts to an Activity of Daily Living

For this Assignment, you will recall concepts covered in your chapter readings that are biological in nature. Remember that psychology was created by combining physiology with philosophy. In the assignment, you will relate these concepts with an activity that you do on a daily basis.

Complete the Unit 4 Assignment Template (located in Course Documents) answering the following questions:

  • Describe an activity that you do on a regular basis in your life.
  • Define action potential and how it can relate to your chosen activity.
  • Define the concept of neurotransmitters. Relate the concept of neurotransmitters to your activity and select which neurotransmitters could be involved.
  • Define sensation and perception, and explain the difference between the two considering how they relate to your chosen activity.


Please read the following chapters in your text:

Chapter 4: “States of Consciousness”

Focusing on 4.1: What is Consciousness?

4.5: Substance Use and Abuse

4.6: Other States of Consciousness

Chapter 5: “Sensations and Perceptions”

Focusing on 5.1: Sensation versus Perception

5.6: Gestalt Principles of Perception

The reading this week covers states of consciousness and the concepts of sensations and perceptions. You will learn about how different states of consciousness affect how you sense and perceive the world around you. Sensations include what your sense organs take in. Perceptions involve how you organize and interpret your sensations. All of this is predicated on your state of consciousness, meaning your level of attentiveness, sleepiness, influence of drugs or alcohol, or hypnosis. 

Field of study: 
Date Due: 
Thursday, February 10, 2022


Role of Biology in Psychology

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