art appreciation,computer focused principles and customer service

1. Diversity is an important factor to consider when dealing with customers today because customers have a number of individual differences that influence their expectations and how they communicate. A customer service employee that understands and respects diversity will be more successful in achieving customer satisfaction.

Some examples of diversity are:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Culture
  • Ethnicity
  • Disability
  • Race
  • Language

Provide one example of how customer diversity can present a challenge for an employee and explain how you would overcome this challenge if you were the employee.


2. Earlier you learned about color and how it affects mood and emotion. Some color effects seem to be universal, but others are personal. Share your own experience with color. Describe two meaningful emotional or physical reactions you have experienced with color. Do you feel that images containing color exhibit more powerful affects than just black & white images? Why or Why not? You can include colors in nature, art, the media, or in environments like home, public, or religious spaces. Be specific and in-depth. Write at least one long paragraph.


3. Reflect on the process of exporting QuickBooks reports to Excel. Share some tips on exporting, or if you found that process flawless, reflect on any other topic involved in the chapter work this week.



How to Export Reports from the Software to a Spreadsheet

It is important to understand how to submit your reports. Instead of printing and handing in reports, you will be submitting your reports to the drop box as one Excel workbook. It would be easiest to submit all reports as one workbook every week.

The following are the steps to export to a new Excel file:

  1. Create your Report using the report menu bar.
  2. Click Export (please be patient, as the process may take a while.)
  3. Click new Excel workbook.
  4. Click Export (this saves your report as an Excel file.)
  5. Save your file.
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