Assessing Premise Strengths and Weaknesses

You have taken a self-assessment of your understanding of research design, research methods, and Walden’s dissertation process. To prepare for this Discussion, do the following:

Read the Dissertation Premise Guide.

Complete the PhD Premise Template.

Review the Grading Rubric. Post by the completed PhD Premise Template and a reflection that includes answers to the following:

1-What did the assessment and completion of the PhD Premise Template and review of the Discussion Rubric tell you about your understanding of and familiarity with research methods, research designs, and the Walden dissertation process? What are your key related strengths and weaknesses?

2-Based upon the content of the Discussion Rubric, what key elements of the research process might you be challenged by? Looking specifically at the Problem Statement you wrote in the Premise Template and the Discussion Rubric, self-assess the quality of your Premise Statement.

3-How can the Discussion Rubric assist you in building upon your strengths and addressing your weaknesses?

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