Asset Tracking and Management Software Application

Background. Refer to week 2's background definition.

Create a 750 to 1,000-word paper to include the following in your discussion:

Note: Your response must be substantive and detailed. I will not accept responses without substantive details. Please refer to section "Required Assignment Response Length" in Instructor Policy document about the minimum word count policy.

Format: Copy and paste each below bolded item into your paper in the start of your response for that item. Bold each item in your paper to clearly define your responses.

Software Development Tools (5 points). Describe the software development tool proposed to build this application. Identify a minimum of two tools and provide details on what they are and how they are used in separate paragraphs. Version control strategy (5 points). Discuss each in a separate paragraph: what you will version, why versioning is needed and how you will identify each version. Create a project plan for the spring to manage the completion of this work. Document your sprint plan in Microsoft Excel® or Project.

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