This needs to be a 2500 word essay on Global Warming. This paper should examine a significant issue or problem around biodiversity( Global Warming) taking into account multiple factors and perspectives. Examine the causes and implications for the future. You should examine possible solutions and the positive and negative impact these solutions will have at a local, regional and international level. The standard expectation for a science paper is 2+ academic references per page, does not include dictionary references for terms etc. Wikipedia, encyclopedias and blogs are not acceptable. Use APA style references and in-text citations. Font style and size: Acceptable for scientific publications fonts are use such as Times New Roman or Calibri size 11 or equivalent for the font. Avoid plagiarism Please keep the following questions in mind as you progress through this activity:

Was the agreed-upon topic thoroughly and adequately addressed?

Were all sides of the issue represented?

Were all of the instructions regarding format and submission followed?

This paper is due NO LATER than Thursday evening.

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