BUS 302 week 7

TEAM DYANMICS: Please respond to ONE of the following Discussion Questions (or both for extra credit). These questions were created based on your feedback in Week 3 about various topics in leadership you would like to know more about.

Scenario: You have recently been promoted from a Coordinator to an Assistant Manager within your current department. Wonderful, your hard work has paid off for you! However, you are now in a position to manage the employees who were once your peers and friends. You need to now earn their respect as their supervisor & leader. You can no longer have ‘water cooler’ conversations with them; you cannot share confidential information with them; you must provide them with direction AND discipline when necessary.

What steps will you take to earn their respect as their new supervisor? What will you do when your friends (your close confidants who you have formed solid friendships with) who you now manage ask you questions that you cannot answer, or ask you for favors, or take advantage of your position? Please be specific – this is not an easy question to answer.


How can you effectively give direction & lead a team in a firm buy approachable way, while still having clear boundaries between boss and friend? Please be specific – this is not an easy question to answer.

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