BUS 517 Start of the Project Selection Process

Watch this video on a project versus business as usual at http://www.lynda.com/Business-Skills-tutorials/project-vs-business-usual... (3 min 43 s), and then select a project for the purpose of completing the writing assignments of this course. For now, share the ideas you have in mind for the intended project(s) with your classmates. Next, respond to at least two (2) of your classmates’ posts and comment on their potential project ideas. Alternatively, you may opt to create a video for this purpose. Note: Ensure that you can develop enough information to thoroughly cover the project topic (i.e., select a project that is of a good size, not too large or too small).

Hint: Review the scope statement example on page 105 of the textbook, and determine if your idea fits that template. This test may show whether or not your idea is a viable project. Note: Your professor would let you know by Week 2 whether or not your project idea has been approved so that you can move on to writing your project proposal in Week 3.
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BUS 517 Week 1 Discussion Start of the Project Selection Process

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