BUS 599 Strategic management

After you submit your document, don't forgot to also provide constructive feedback to at least one (1) of your classmates' posts.

Important Notes Before you get started on this exercise, watch the video below for some helpful tips on completing Week 7 Discussion: The Financials. Financing Your Business; Understanding the financial sheets.

This exercise is considered an academic writing exercise. Quality of response, grammar, and punctuation are considered in your overall grade. This exercise does not require the use of APA format or a cover page. This exercise uses the “Business Plan Financials” MS Excel template. Use the “Business Plan Financials Guide” to assist you in completing the required worksheets. (Both documents are also available in the Course Required Files in Week 1.) It is recommended that students construct their deliverable(s) using MS Word / MS Excel and then attach the document(s) to the discussion thread submission area in Blackboard.

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