BUS 599 SWOT Analysis: Honest Tea




SWOT Analysis: Honest Tea


Given the Honest Tea Business Plan for 1999, the following SWOT analysis is made to determine Honest Tea’s primary approach to execute a strategy for growth. 



       Infrastructure strengthening by hiring experiences Sales managers

       Market branding through celebrities and news media leading to well recognized public relations firm

       Leader in socially responsible business movements; Social Responsibility is central to company’s identity

       Product is branded as a healthy cultural experience using actual tea leaves

       Proprietary production  process to meet HACCP and Circle U certifications

       Company’s culture is sustained through the management of Honest Tea’s founders



       Explosive growth in Ready-to-Drink (RTD) tea and bottled water markets

       The emergence of tea culture in the United States 

       The natural foods boom & rise of Cultural Creatives: large market of health-conscious diet soda drinkers 

       Distribution to 10 supermarket chains with over 900 outlets, East Coast

       Popularity in a variety of food service and retail accounts, North East Coast

       Numerous natural food brokers to represent product for the East Coast, Midwest, West Coast and the South

       Tea is the world’s second most popular beverage


       Initial costly product development phase

       Not as well-financed or as well-established as competition

       Relies on opportunistic ways to gain public attention and promote trial of the product

       Management team is one level deep 


       Unforeseen health-related issue might hurt brand


       Malibu Teaz

       The Republic of Tea


       Other entrants into the new beverage category of natural & authentic tea beverage business






BUS 599 SWOT Analysis Honest Tea

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