Business Ethics and Ethical Reasoning

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 Think back to a time when you had a supervisor or coworker who you believe made an unethical decision or exhibited unethical behavior. List at least two reasons why you think people are tempted to act unethically. Describe the most effective safe guards that you believe an organization can put into place to prevent unethical behavior within the organization.


2.      Respond to vikki

hello class, I am a stay at home mom for now being that I just had twins.  Before I was put on bed rest because of my high risk pregnancy I was a customer service cashier at Burger King in Kosciusko, Ms.  I would label myself as a hard-worker. I was employee of the month for three months in  a row.  The manager that we had was not fit for the job. I am a firm believer that in any work place respect and communication plays a big role. At time's some of the crew is older than the manager. The manager of our store did not have good communication skills. He was rude to his workers, and his customers. I was fired over giving a customer ketchup in their bag. He did not even tell me that I was fired.  He had someone else to tell me. He would tell us not to hand out ketchup, napkins, straws, etc.. unless the customer ask for it. I believe in doing things in order. When I go to a restaurant I would love to have these things. When I was fired there was three cars pulled down in the drive-thru. I was being nice to take out the bags to them because I did not have customers at the time. When the food was ready to go out, proceeded to put the ketchup in the bag because all the them had fries with their order. Firstly, he hollered at me in front of customers, that is where respect comes in.  He continued to holler, and I told him I am not a child, and that I don't care what position you hold you do not have the right to holler at me.  After an argument I was sent home, and when I tried to return he was fired. When the manager that was hired tried to hire me back, he put in the system that I showed up for work in  my uniform for a new job, and told them I quit. As I told the district manager I know that I was wrong for arguing with him, but managers feel like they can do anything to their workers and get away with it. One reason he may have acted unethical is lack of concern for peers. There are many people that only care about themselves. When you work as a team you have to work together to get the job done. Self interest, personal gain, and greed play a big part. Another reason is lack of training. Some people never learn or do not care about ethical values. Being they are not familiar with ethical values they do not understand or apply them within the business setting. They are not concerned with right and wrong. I believe that all employee's and mangers should take classes on how to handle certain situation. I believe that before a person is fired the district managers should step in to see if the the decision is the right one to make. There are many people that are fired all because they do not like them, or they are intimidated by them. I think they should build a culture of transparency, openness, and communication so that people will not be afraid to stand up, and speak their mind when they are treated unfairly. 


3.     Respond to Melvina

I am a Senior Acquisition Analyst for my company supporting the Federal agency.  In my field, there is high visibility even with the smallest procurement action. The leadership within the action have been doing some things that are considered unethical for our career field.  Having to follow procurement and contracting regulations as prescribed in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), we are required to promote an atmosphere for competition.  Meaning, as much as possible, compete all actions to allow for companies to have fair opportunity to provide services or supplies to the Federal Government.  Well, the Director of the agency awards contracts to companies in which she has personal relationships without competition.  Not only does she make these awards but she directs the contracting officers under her supervision to do the same. 

The reason people are tempted to act unethically because there are no checks and balances.  Her supervisor trusted her judgment and because he did not stand over her shoulder she started to behave unethically and instilled fear in her staff so they were too afraid to report her actions.  The other reason is when you never get caught for your actions you feel empowered to continue on and you become arrogant and prideful.

In our field, the most effective way to prevent unethical behavior is to conduct regular on the spot file audits.  We are required to do annual training about ethics and procurement integrity but that does not seem to work.  However, file reviews from an outside auditing agency would raise the question about unethical procurement practices to upper management.  You must be a person of integrity to display proper ethical behavior in the workplace.












Recruiting and Retaining Health care Professionals

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In a budget environment where funds are tight or unavailable, it is a challenge to recruit and retain health care professionals.

·         Provide two suggestions to management and the board as to how you can recruit and retain health care professionals without spending any additional funds.



2.     Respond to Kiyuanta

You can recruit and retain healthcare professionals in a budgeted environment by constantly telling your employees, "thank you for all you." Employees love to feel appreciated. To me, when you don't show gratitude towards your team your productivity tends to go low. Another way could be for upper management to take it upon themselves to go out and think of something creative to put a smile on their employees faces. For example, get to know your employees so you will know some of their favorite things and you could come up with simple ideas to brighten up their day. Like, finding out their favorite candy and adding an encouraging/positive saying to it. There is all sorts of simple low budget things you could do. Upper management are their employees. When their appreciated, it looks great on you. You have to show your employees that you appreciate and care about them.

3.     Respond to  Lillian

I work in a hospital and have for 11 years, When I first started we got different incentives for the hard work the employees did over the years things got really bad for the hospital so they discontinued the incentives the employees got from  Administration and the Board. And as an employee we all felt like they did not appreciate the hard work that we as employees did because know one told us that we did a good job are even that they appreciated their employees. So the department I worked in started our on appreciation for the employees we would have pot luck lunches and all the employees would bring a covered dish and we would call it our employee appreciation. And when I transfered to a private practice office in the hospital the Doctors would do little things for the employees in the office if it was only a donut are candy that we liked and they would always tells us thank you for the work we did for that day. So saying all of that there is different ways Health care Professionals can show appreciation and get new recruits by just offering an extra day off are even employee appreciation day buy giving all employees a donut are breakfast bar that worked well at the hospital I work at. In each department they would have different activities like Tech Week, Nurses Day, and Hospital Week where they get vendors to provide Breakfast, Lunch are Dinner for the employees that made the employees fill appreciated and We have a news letter that highlights different employees for going above an beyond their job duties.

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