Can a different kitchen layout save your business?

View the “Week 6 Scene 1” and “Week 6 Scene 2” scenarios. From the scenarios, Chris and Erica are faced with efficiency challenges at the café. Explain how these challenges could potentially harm the business, and suggest a brief plan to improve on efficiency and customer satisfaction.

One of the efficiency challenges I saw Erica and Chris had was the layout of the kitchen. It was said that the layout was increasing customer wait time. Wait times can harm a business in the impact that customers will become frustrated and may look for better alternatives. To remedy this I would test my kitchen layout against similar others in the same industry. A kitchen layout that is not consistent with workplace efficiency can prove chaotic. I would also look at industry standard wait times and customize my wait times to fit or exceed those industry standards. Hiring experienced staff and consulting with them in staff meetings can also be a way to gain a leg up on the competition and provide more efficient service. The more experienced staff a business enlists, the higher chance they will be successful ind delivering a high level of customer satisfaction.

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