Cognitive psychology


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Term Paper

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3 pages

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8 sources

This "paper" is a set of 6 questions in which only 4 have to be answered. However the textbook I will be submitting the PDF to must be incorporated to answer the questions and properly cited using APA. No cover page is needed. I do not have a preference as to which questions you answer, however each response has to be 2-3 paragraphs including as I mentioned the in text citations from the book. 

The questions provided are:
1. How do children learn new information or tasks?
2. What factors or conditions influence memory? Do these factors or conditions make memories sharper or more dull?
3. Can hearing or hearing loss teach us culture? In what ways?
4. What is “language”? How do we learn language from one another?
5. How do humans taste and smell – and how can they learn from both senses?
6. What conditions (e.g., behaviors, environment, personal characteristics) would be necessary to implant a false memory or misinformation in someone else? 

These are notes the teacher provided:

-Short answers should be 2-3 paragraphs each.

-Use APA format for in-text citations. No title page necessary. No reference page necessary.

-Only use citations from class materials NOT outside sources (see "Reference Info" in Course Information for help).


Writing Prompts Before Answering: 4 PTS

B. EACH RESPONSE (4 PTS Each) (x 4 = 16 PTS Overall):

Content: 3PTS Hitting multiple domains in response E.g., Cultural differences + Neuronal/anatomic info + Sensory info + Cognitive vocab

Giving a cohesive, correct answer

Basing your answer in facts (not personal opinions or stories).

Facts from this course’s material (not from other course’s material)

APA Format for In-Text Citations: 1 PT

-Binary: Perfect format throughout answer = 1, One error = 0.

-Remember to only cite from our class materials - NOT outside sources.
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Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Cognitive psychology

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