Collaboration among health care professionals

Collaboration among health care professionals is the key to positive patient outcomes. Each member of the health care team has been trained with specific knowledge and skills, which allow him or her to do what he or she do best. Working together as a team brings specific strengths of each discipline to focus on the care of the patient and supplements any weaknesses of other teammates. Effective interdisciplinary relationships decrease costs and improve patient satisfaction, while improving overall health care worker satisfaction.


Research different health care interdisciplinary relationships (such as radiology, working with the emergency room, or working in a pharmaceutical company) that the marketing department needs in order to collaborate with the development department.


Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper summarizing your findings.


Describe the health care interdisciplinary department you chose and why.  Heading: Interdisciplinary Department


Describe the benefits of collaboration and how to work as a team and collaborate with other departments.  Discuss ways to make the interdisciplinary process better.  Heading: Collaboration 


Describe potential conflicts that may occur working with interdisciplinary relationships. Address ways to avoid and resolve conflict,Heading: Potential Conflicts, Avoidance, and Resolution


Describe how interdisciplinary relationships affect your organization and the patients and families that use your health care organization.  Heading: Interdisciplinary Affect on Organization


Describe a personal experience with an interdisciplinary relationship and describe if it worked well or if there was a breakdown.  Heading: Personal Experience with Interdisciplinary Relationships


Include: An introduction that identifies what will be discussed in the paper. The title of this paper should be Interdisciplinary Relationships.  Thus talk about interdisciplinary relationships and what will be discussed in the paper.  Ex: The author will discuss. . . . , Ex: Highlighted points of this paper will be. . . .  etc.  


Include: conclusion that refocuses the reader by restating the major points of the paper.  Remember  - New information should not be included in a conclusion. 


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Use headings to identify each of the requirements above. See examples above.   Review the APA Tips and Sample APA Paper in Announcements.  If you have any questions, please contact me. 

References - All references are required to be cited within the text.  All citations are required to be referenced on the reference page. 


Turnitin/ Plagiarism Report is required.  Copy and past the Turnitin/Plagiarism Report in its entirety after the references.  Do not submit it as a separate document.  I recommend turning your paper into the Turnitin/Plagiarism before Monday or early Monday because of the program gets very busy with papers being turned in.

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