Constitutional Convention Presentation

Research and provide a brief overview of the Constitutional Convention held in Philadelphia in May 1787. •Choose and assume the position of one of the following delegates to the convention: a.James Wilson, Pennsylvania b.Charles Pinckney, South Carolina c.Alexander Hamilton, New York d.James Madison, Virginia

•Analyze the Great Compromise and the Three-Fifths Compromise from the perspective of your assumed role as a delegate. You will observe that the issue of slavery created controversy during the creation of the US Constitution. The practice of slavery, while not specifically sanctioned within the Constitution, did, for all intents and purposes, become formally institutionalized. Be sure to address the following in your analysis: a.Determine the biographical information about the delegate you select, including place of birth, the colony he represented, and other background and heritage details that influenced his views. b.Explain the issues your chosen delegate considered important in relation to the Great Compromise and the Three-Fifths Compromise. c.Explain from your delegate’s perspective whether each of these two compromises was necessary (required) in order to secure passage of the draft constitution (to be submitted to the states for ratification). d.Explain from your delegate’s perspective the importance or necessity of drafting a new Constitution and what this action would achieve nationally. e.Explain from your delegate’s perspective if and why the Great Compromise was necessary and why slaves were to be counted as three-fifths a human being for purposes of representation.

From the perspective of your delegate, draft a speech of 450–600 words including the above points, arguing for the approval of a constitution in the format of a presentation. Ensure you do the following:

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