Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Global Citizenship

·         You are the author of a popular CSR article. For this week’s discussion post, discuss the main reasons why Apple is or is not a socially responsible organization. List at least two examples of Apple’s actions that support your position. Be sure to use terms from Chapter 3 to demonstrate your understanding of corporate social responsibility.

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Ednesha answer



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 My name is Ednesha and I happen to think that Apple is a socially responsible  company. I have been an Apple user for the last couple of years I have been nothing but satisfied with the company. Apple has a Global Volunteer Program which was launched  to encourage employees to volunteer in local communities.We also offer Apple eduction development program which offered free of charge by 18 factories and more then 280,000 workers have taken various courses. Apple provides the best services and products for their users.The company has also launched Apple Supplier EHS Academy an 18 month program that aims to improve employee health and safety in the industry through out globe. 240 suppliers and 270,000 workers are participating in this program. 




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My name is Vikki Griffin. I believe that Apple is a socially responsible organization, Socially responsible means balancing profit making activities with activities that benefit society. When it comes to buying and selling product you have to always find ways that it appeals to the customers. The customers are important because they are the ones buying the merchandise. Also we as customers always look at the way a company helps the community or environment, those the the ones that gets the community support. For example, We have a business in our hometown that always give back to the community. They do things like giving away school supplies, do food drives for the needy, fund-a-child with scholarship, and help people pay their bills just to name a few. I called this a community based business. With that being said Apple has many CSR activities, with labor and human rights Apple has achieved an average of 95% compliances among suppliers to maximum sixty hour workweek. This brings in more money for their employees. They are helping them out because that is more money to help pay bill, take vacations, pay for school, and help take care of their family. Apple has investigated cases of abuse of foreign workers,and many of them was reimbursed a lot of money. Apple also launched Apple Supplier EHS Academy. This is an 18 month program that helps to improve employees health and safety in the industry throughout the globe. Many suppliers and workers have took apart of this great program. Apple is a very socially responsible organization. I have learned a lot about Apple, and I am glad to be apart of their line of business. 



Health service Organization Mgt

Week 2 Discussion


Planning for the Future of a Health Care Organization"  Please respond to the following:

·         Discuss what process a health care organization can use to plan for its future.

Penny  answer

The process a health care organization can use to plan for its future is to come up with a team that can come up with strategies for improving the quality of work and patient care, and working toward the goals  of the company.  The health care organization can introduce the staff to new skills about the changes that are taking place by offering training or continuing their education.


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To make a good plan for any health care organization's future, they must first take into account the environmental and demographics of the area they are servicing. Based on the amount of business they're expecting to do, they can then begin to staff the office accordingly. Making sure that there are enough providers and ancillary staff is important so that no one is overworked. Deciding what they want to acheive and a mission statement for the business is important as well so that everyone that they bring in is on the same page as far as what direction the organization is going in. 

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