desk manager of the hotel you selected

You have taken the role of the new front desk manager of the hotel you selected in Week 1.

The General Manager (GM) of the hotel has asked you to complete several tasks during your first two weeks on the job. 

Prepare a 525- to 700-word report for the GM in which you:  

  • Assess the current front office operations and reporting structure.
  • Submit an organizational chart for the department.
  •  Include a checklist of the tasks being done on a daily basis within each functional area.

All assignments should be considered formal papers unless otherwise indicated.


Please prepare your paper using APA formatting using the provided template.


You can find the template section in the resources section on the bottom right of our classroom or in the library.


You should also review the resources in The Center for Writing Excellence. These resources will help you prepare better papers!


Please remember to use the Reference and Citation Generator when writing papers using APA formatting.


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