Discussion 3 to discussion 9

Discussion: Min 250 words per questions with references

Unit 3

KPI Versus Organizational Process

·         From what you have learned by reading about the differences between KPIs and organizational processes, write an initial post on why choosing a KPI as the desired organizational improvement for a capstone project is not a good idea.

AR Tool Center: How Data Are Used in Action Research

·         Based on your readings in this unit and on your thinking about the scenario you selected for this course, write an initial post on your thoughts about the idea of multiple forms of data in action research. Provide two examples of data.

Unit 4

Action Research Paradigm Protocol Steps One and Two

·         Based on the readings and materials in this unit, describe Steps One and Two of the ARPP and its role in action research.

Capstone Category: Research Paper


Using the capstone documents found on the Doctor of Education (EdD) page of iGuide, discuss your choice of Action Research Monograph or Evaluation.

  • How did you decide between these two deliverables?

Unit 5

Telling The Story of Your Project

·         Based on your unit readings and your own experience in reporting on professional projects, write an initial post on the purpose and importance of telling the story in action research.

Collecting Qualitative Data


Based on the "Examples of Open Ended Interview Questions" list and readings from your Action Research text in this unit, write an initial post on how you think qualitative data collection will differ from the quantitative data collection strategies that you have learned in other ways (earlier courses, et cetera).

Unit 6

Connecting Interventions to Organizational Processes

·         Based on your readings and your professional experience, write an initial post commenting on the logic of connecting an intervention to an improvement of an organizational process. How clear is it to you that quantitative data are not enough for action research?

Coding Qualitative Data

·         Based on your experience in carrying out the Data Analysis Leading to Research Inferences assignment in this unit, dealing with coding and interpretation of qualitative data, write an initial post on your experience in looking for themes both within and among the quotes you selected. How do you see this process working in the future when you use coding to analyze data from interviews you conduct?

Unit 7

Implications of Data-Informed Decision Making

·         Based on your unit readings, write an initial post discussing the implications of the move to data-informed decision making for education and for organizational improvement.

The Use of Data in Your Organization

·         How are data used in your organization? Using what you now know, is the use of data effective? Why or why not?

Unit 8

Capstone Category: Professional Product


Using the capstone documents found on the Doctor of Education (EdD) page of iGuide, discuss your choice of Curriculum or Change Management Plan. How did you decide between these two deliverables?

Visual Presentation of Results

·         Write an initial post on the value of visual data presentation in management and the way you may choose to use it in your capstone.

Unit 9

Developing Your Own Topic

·         Write an initial post on how developing an action research study based on the course topic will help you in developing your own topic in later courses. Do you now have better sense of what kind of study your capstone project will be, or do you still have questions?















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