Discussion - Nationalism (Patriotism) vs. Globalism

Nationalists (those who support patriotism) believe that the interests of one's own country are of primary importance. For example, an American nationalist would consider feeding the poor and hungry in New York City before sending money to feed the hungry in the slums of India. Conversely, globalists place the interests of the world or human condition above any individual nation. For example, globalists would be more concerned about impacting world hunger as opposed to focusing on specific local problems. Either approach may be considered patriotic or unpatriotic depending on your perception of the matter.


To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Review the article, "Globalism as the Product of Nationalism: Founding Ideology and the Erasure of the Local in      Turkey."
  • Review the article, "The New York Times, Norman Rockwell and the New Patriotism."
  • Review the article, "In Defense of Moderate Patriotism."
  • Select an issue related to global social justice, such as a tsunami or earthquake (natural disasters), genocide or apartheid (human rights), or famine, disease, and reproductive rights (health issues).
  • Use the Interactive Map, "Social Justice Issues," to view the case of the Japanese internment. Consider how the Japanese internment example relates to nationalism (patriotism) and globalism.
  • Consider whether a national (patriotic) or global      approach would be in the best interests of social justice and select one approach that you might use to address the issue.
  • Think about how the approach you selected might be perceived as patriotic or unpatriotic.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Thursday 1-25-18 a 500-word description of the global issue you selected. Then share your thoughts about whether a nationalistic (patriotic) or globalistic approach would be in the best interests of social justice. Explain how the approach you selected may be perceived as patriotic or unpatriotic. Justify your response using concrete examples to support your work.

Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources.

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