EDD8302 Artifact Description Template


EdD Artifact Description Template



Use this template to guide your preparation of the artifacts that demonstrate your proficiency in the eight required program outcomes. Save one instance of the template for each program outcome.


1.    Program Outcome

Provide the name, number, and description of the program outcome.





2.    Name and Description of Each Artifact

Provide the name and full description of the artifacts that you are submitting for alignment with the program outcome (include the date completed and the course in which it was completed, or for non-courseroom activities, the location). Note: You must present a minimum of two course-related artifacts for each of the eight program outcomes.





3.    Purpose of the Artifacts

What purpose does each artifact serve? Describe in 1–2 paragraphs the activity or activities you undertook to complete the artifact.





4.    The Artifact as Evidence

Explain in 2–4 paragraphs how each artifact serves as evidence of having met the program outcome. Note: This should answer the “so-what” question. Why are you including this particular artifact over others? Be very specific.




EDD 8302: Becoming a Critical Consumer of Action Research

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