EDU 671 Mock Action Research Proposal Presentation

As you prepare for your Final Project, take this opportunity to  create a mock presentation using PowerPoint, or other professional  presentation software and present your action research proposal to your  peers through Jing (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., or PowerPoint to create your presentation with both a visual and audio component.  
Your  visual presentation must include all nine components of the action  research plan and follow the guidelines for creating effective  presentations as discussed in the required and recommended video  tutorials located in the recommended and required readings section.  
 In order to ensure your viewers experience the full effect of your mock  proposal, it is imperative that your voice and a visual presentation  complement each other as you explain all nine of its components.   Therefore, it is a requirement you include the video component with  audio as you share your action research proposal.  
 You must keep your presentation under five minutes.  Keep in mind, the  emphasis is more on you and your ability to share your knowledge, heart,  and passion about your topic, while leading your viewers through the  nine components of your mock action research proposal.  Your visual  presentation will provide the main points of each of the nine  components, as you follow the seven by seven rule.  But your oral  complement will elaborate to fill in the blanks between those main  points.  Thus, you will have the opportunity to provide all the details,  important information, and passion behind it to your audience  verbally.  This will not only appeal to both visual and auditory  learners, simultaneously, it will make your presentation more enjoyable  and enriching for both you and your viewers.  Include a link to your  presentation or attach it to your discussion post.  
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