The Effects of Globalization: The Role of Business in the Distribution of Wealth and Resources

This week's learning activity #1 asks you to consider the disparity in the global distribution of justice and wealth. The readings lead us to believe that control of the wealth of the world is managed by a relatively small number of organizations and individuals. If that is true, what forces placed them in the positions that they are in and is the situation that exists acceptable or does it need to be changed? If it needs to be changed, what needs to be done? Can regulations be created on a global scale that will force a better balance and what organizations can control those regulations. Is the United States in a position to unilaterally decide how to make things better? Do laws regulating business make things worse ethically? State your position on whether you feel that business is being overly regulated by the government. Discuss whether you think that self-governance in business possible. State what you think the economic situation would be without any regulation and, if needed, how much regulation is enough. State how you think the concept of "distributive justice" plays into the system of the world's economic infrastructure.

Learning Activity #2 - The Effects of Globalization: Cultural Relativism and Morality

This activity asks you to consider through the eyes of a senior manager some of the ethical issues faced by a company that recently relocated to an offshore location. State what are some of the most common problems businesses face when moving into an overseas geographic area. Review a specific foreign country's labor laws and discuss how they relate to manufacturing in that country. Discuss what you think the results of operating in that country under US labor laws would be.

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