EHR impact

3 to 4 pages without the title page or reference pages (5 to 6 total), using at least 4 academic sources.

Use the following as APA level headings to organize your paper.

APA formatted title page

1. Introduction

2. Medical Records

a. Define electronic health record.

b. Compare and contrast the similarities and differences between the electronic health record and the paper record.

3. Electronic Records

a. Identify the challenges associated with implementing the EHR.

b. Discuss the problems that may arise in the future as a result of many groups unwillingness to adopt the electronic health record as well as how changes to medical care (IE Affordable Care Act) can impact record keeping.

4. Future of Records

a. Identify the future direction of health record keeping.

b. Discuss government and private sector intervention in the development of an EHR.

c. Discuss meaningful use and its impact on the development of the electronic health record.

5. Cost Benefit Analysis

a. Conduct a cost benefit analysis between two similar organizations, one of whom chooses to adopt the electronic health records in their organization and one who does not.

b. Explain the pros and cons for each facility based on their decision and its impact on its revenue stream.

6. Conclusion

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