EN120 Lesson 5 Quiz

Question 1 (5 points)


Cause-and-effect paragraphs and persuasion paragraphs are very similar to
Question 1 options:

Question 2 (5 points)

Generic nouns _______ refer to a specific person, place, or thing.
Question 2 options:

Question 3 (5 points)

Personal pronouns take different forms depending on whether they're subjects, objects, or possessive pronouns. Logically, subjects are in the _______ case.
Question 3 options:

Question 4 (5 points)

Jason argues that oversimplification is a problem when writing a cause-and-effect paragraph. Sally maintains that confusing cause and effect can be a serious problem in writing this kind of paragraph. Who is correct?
Question 4 options:

Question 5 (5 points)

Regarding number and person agreement, _______ pronouns, like "anybody," "nobody," "someone," or "anyone," are singular. Therefore, any pronoun that refers to them must be singular.
Question 5 options:

Question 6 (5 points)

All of the following transitional expressions are used to show effects except
Question 6 options:

Question 7 (5 points)

Subjects in sentences refer either to nouns or to
Question 7 options:

Question 8 (5 points)

Which of the following is not an abstract noun?
Question 8 options:

Question 9 (5 points)

The plural of fury is
Question 9 options:

Question 10 (5 points)

Which one of the following nouns is singular?
Question 10 options:

Question 11 (5 points)

Signal words tell us that _______ usually follow(s).
Question 11 options:

Question 12 (5 points)

Which of the following may be either a collective or singular noun?
Question 12 options:

Question 13 (5 points)

_______ determiners, such as "my," "your," and "her," are placed in front of a noun to tell us that something belongs to the person(s) represented by the pronoun, which is why they serve as adjectives.
Question 13 options:

Question 14 (5 points)

All of the following transitional expressions are used to show causes except
Question 14 options:

Question 15 (5 points)

When the intended audience of your paragraph is non-specialists, you can make technical language more accessible and readable if you use a _______ style.
Question 15 options:

Question 16 (5 points)

Which of the following sentences contains a proper noun that should be capitalized?
Question 16 options:

Question 17 (5 points)

In a cause-and-effect paragraph, transition words like "first," "second," and "third," create a _______ order that moves us from cause to cause.
Question 17 options:

Question 18 (5 points)

In general, _______ writing is intended to convey information and explain ideas.
Question 18 options:

Question 19 (5 points)

To persuade through writing is to
Question 19 options:

Question 20 (5 points)

The paragraph or essay type most frequently called for in college, business, and daily life is
Question 20 options:
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Tuesday, May 19, 2020


EN120 Lesson 5 Quiz

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