ENGL 135 week 5 First Draft on school bullying

Course Project-First Draft

The purpose of the first draft is to begin communicating your topic and to establish its relevance to a reader. The first draft will present an introduction (two to three paragraphs) and one section (two to three paragraphs) of the body of the paper. The first draft should include the sources you presented in your Annotated Bibliography. If you have made changes to your list of references, cite each new reference carefully both in the text and on the reference page. The length of the first draft is three to four pages of text, not including the title and References pages. The assignment includes a prewriting activity to plan the sections of the project. When you are finished, save the document.The Project First Draft is worth 75 points. See Doc Sharing for the following support documents. An assignment template A sample assignment The assignment grading rubric

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