Essay on "The Civil Action" movie

Larry Bodine took the following quotes from the book, “The Essential Little Book of Great Lawyering”.  Choose one of the quotes, and by making specific reference (events and/or quotes) to the movie, examine how the character’s actions in A Civil Action either prove or disprove the quote you chose.

  1. Good lawyers are in the courts changing the law.  Great lawyers are in the street changing society. 
  2. Good lawyers are reasonably comfortable in most settings.  Great lawyers project confidence, but not arrogance or pride, in any setting, including the courtroom.
  3. Good lawyers are thought of as “capable,” and expected to do a good job.  Great lawyers own the client’s problem and engender a belief that they will do everything possible to help the client succeed at their goal.
  4. Good lawyers care about clients.  Great lawyers are loyal to them.
  5. Good lawyers treat the client professionally.  Great lawyers personalize the relationship by recognizing the needs of the individuals involved.
  6. Good lawyers go to law school to practice law.  Great lawyers go to law school to make a difference.
  7. Good lawyers are compassionate.  Great lawyers act on their compassion.
  8. Good lawyers know the law.  Great lawyers know the judge.
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