Federal judge impeachment

You are a court administrator and are currently attending a workshop that includes a section on ethical considerations. You are given the following case involving actual impeachment hearings against a federal judge in Texas (see Vanityfair Article) who had served in that position for 18 years. The judge had long lied concerning an "atrocious pattern of sexual misconduct" toward his subordinates. For years, two female staff members were assaulted by the judge, who was frequently intoxicated while on duty. After pleading guilty, the judge was convicted and sentenced to 3 years in prison.

Then, he also asked that he: • might retain his salary and benefits while he serves his sentence • be allowed to tender his resignation effective in about 1 year, so as to retain his medical insurance for a little bit longer • be shown mercy due to alcoholism and the death of his wife a few years earlier.

Assume that you are one of the members of the panel that is considering whether or not the judge should be granted the earlier-mentioned concessions, as well as whether or not he should be impeached. How will you respond or vote, and why?

Your paper needs to follow APA guidelines. There is no word count for this assignment. I am looking for quality and detailed information not quantity.

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