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Final Essay Question: Truth is the key to making good and
well-informed decisions in management. However, criminal justice
organizations in some jurisdictions do not practice the ethics of
truth.They do not create trust in their ability to deal with their
citizens and fellow criminal justice organizations with
truthfulness in a court of law. Many years ago some folks said, “if
we don’t clean this mess up, someone else is going to clean it up
for us.” The article you are reading for this essay was written in
2007, about three years after this old issue came back with a
vengeance.It, too, will cost money, if you do not have a decisional
policy point and procedure in place before that court date arrives.
Do not ever think that cannot happen here, because it always does.
Two very key cases here: Brady v. Maryland and Giglio v. United
States. The writer poses the question, “Should Police Officers Who
Lie Be Terminated as a Matter of Public Policy?” As you strive to
answer the question, keep the following in mind:
•It is simple, but is it fair?
• Is it possible that you could lose some really
good personnel who only messed up once in their whole career?
•What effect will such a drastic measure have on the personnel’s
• If you keep them, will it affect the overall
credibility of your agency?
•What conclusion does the writer
reach? Why or why not?
•What policy wouldyou recommend for your
chief, sheriff, warden, state police commissioner, and/or any other
affiliated executive with whom you may work?
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