Government Business Relations

1.What term reflects the highest legitimate authority of a nation?

2.What document identifies both the powers of government and rights of the individual.

3.The US government divides power among the federal government and between levels of government. What do we call the division of power at the national level and the division of power among the federal, state, and local governments?

4.What specific provision of the Constitution reserves powers not enumerated to federal government to the states and the people?

5.What provision of the Constitution reflects the people’s right to change it? 

6.The framers sought to protect minorities. Which minority were they most concerned with? 

7.What are the Constitutional provisions that limit the exercise of arbitrary and unaccountable power?

8.What role of provides an advantage to select businesses over foreign completion?

9.What is the primary difference between Parliamentary democracy and Presidential democracy

10.List 3 democratic values in the Declaration of Independence?

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