HCA/270 Workflow Diagram

Research the term workflow in the University Library, on the Internet, or by using the search link provided in the Week Five Electronic Reserve Readings. Reference Figure 7-16 in Ch. 7 (p. 176) of your textbook Health Information Technology and Management. Read the following scenarios:

Scenario 1: Dorothy has been experiencing constant headaches and fatigue. She decides it is time to visit her doctor, so she contacts her doctor's office and schedules an appointment for the following day.

Scenario 2: John is grilling in his backyard. While cutting peppers for homemade salsa, he accidently cuts the thumb on his right hand. He quickly wraps a napkin around it, but his finger does not stop bleeding. John's wife decides it is best for him to go to the emergency room to have the cut checked.

Create a diagram showing the workflow for each of the scenarios. Identify at least 12 steps in your workflow. Label and describe each of the steps, and be as specific as possible. Click the Assignment files tab to submit your workflow diagram.

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