HCIS/245 Information Systems Worksheet

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Information Systems Worksheet


Part A:


Define each vocabulary word in the following table. Use your textbooks or an outside source as a reference.


Provide examples where requested, use complete sentences, and be clear and concise when explaining your answers.


Cite your sources.


Vocabulary Words



Type (if applicable)

Information System












Memory and Storage












Input and Output Devices








Operating Systems






Part B:


Write 50- to 300-word responses to each of the following questions based on this week’s readings and your personal experiences. Use your own words and provide examples to support your answers. Cite your sources.


1.     Explain the difference between computer hardware and software?



2.     How can technology be used to bring health care information in areas of the world that lack electricity and landlines?



3.     Why is the use of information systems in health care important? Explain your answer.



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