Healthcare Marketing Potential

● Select and provide a general overview of three (3) healthcare organizations that

interest you*(I want you to choose these 3 healthcare of Austin texas: St. david healthcare, seton hospital, and  Austin regional clinic)

● Discuss the 5 P’s of healthcare marketing to each healthcare organization (this can

be general or specific).

● Elaborate how the 5 P’s of healthcare marketing may impact the marketing potential

of a healthcare organization.

● Using an assessment or evaluation strategy, discuss the marketing potential of each

and predict which one has the most promising marketing potential.

• Be sure to support your assertions with evidence-based research, scholarly articles,

and well-supported strategies that support your predictions.

·         3-4 page paper excluding front and back matter (APA standards apply).

·         Internal organizational memorandum.

·         Infographic

·         Power Point presentation for a Board of Directors (10-12 slides; speaker notes

as needed to support assertions).

·         7-10 minute public service announcement (using a free online voice recorder

such as

·         Video newscast (using a free online video recorder such as entertainment talk show, television commentary,

interview-style, news reporting, etc.).

• The use of first person is permitted for this assignment (excluding option 1). APA

formatting (e.g. title page, conclusion, reference page, etc.) should not be used.

• Although the use of APA formatting is not required for this assignment, proper

grammar, spelling, and punctuation are expected.

*Hint: Try locating healthcare systems that you are familiar with, would like to network

with, have heard concerns about, or ones that are completely unfamiliar to you.


Field of study: 


Investigation of Three Health Care System

Healthcare Marketing Potential

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