How is a sustaining innovation different from a growth innovation?

(150 words) 2- A resource based view of a firm takes a look at the internal capabilities and assets of a firm to identify strategic advantages within the firm. There are three basic resources that provide assets to a company. Tangible assets are those physical items and resources. For example, buildings and materials used to make the product are physical assets. Intangible assets are those that are not physical, such as trademarks, licenses, or patents on specific products. Finally, organizational capabilities are skills within the workforce of the firm that assist in creating a successful process flow required to transfer inputs into outputs. All of these capabilities should be analyzed to determine the overall internal strength of a firm.

Class: Looking at the firm your team is evaluating and analyzing, what assets can you identify using the above three categories> Why do these assets give your firm a strategic advantage? Please elaborate. (150 words) 3- How is value chain analysis used to build competitive advantage? What role does analyzing customer needs play in shaping an effective value chain? (150 words) 4- When using SWOT to analyze internal enterprise capabilities, what impact do process limitations have on performance potential assessment? (150 words)

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