Question 1  

Which of the following is NOT one of the three main elements of radical design?

Changes to existing process


Measuring the results using the predetermined metrics

A vision of which specific performance metrics will best reflect the success of overall business strategy


Question 2

 Differentiation can best be described as:

Results when an organization has the lowest cost.

The organization has identified itself as unique in the marketplace.

The difference between price and cost.

Value of the product and the actual cost to provide or produce.


Question 3

 Which of the following is NOT a common risk of offshoring?

Long transition periods that decrease the cost of savings

Additional technology, telecommunications, travel, process changes, and management overhead required in order to relocate and supervise operations outside one’s own country

Increase labor costs

Geopolitical unrest (war and crime)


Question 4

 Identify the 3 Organization Structures:

Formal, Informal, Open

Deductive, Inductive, Conductive

Hierarchical, Flat, Matrix

Open, Hierarchical, Formal

Question 5

 Radically changing a business is not easy task. Research done to determine why companies failed to reach their goals reveal some of the more common reasons include:

Lack of training

Introducing unnecessary complexity into the new process design

Lack of a coherent communications program

all of these


Question 6

 Which of the following is NOT a support activity in the value chain of a firm?

Human Resources





Question 7 

As the Manager of a new work group you are to explain the dynamics of System Hierarchy. Explain the 3 levels of the hierarchy along with the function and value of the different components. Finally, how do these components build \upon each other and with each other.


Question 8

 Enterprise systems address knowledge capture and use across many functions of an organization. Identify three different types of enterprise systems that solve common business strategy needs. Briefly describe the logistical flow of information through that system. Use the kind of description that you would use with a client while have lunch or dinner with them.


Question 9

 Explain designing a framework for getting work done? Your answer should be approximately 2 or 3 paragraphs (300 words). Please clearly state the necessary components and explain how they work in developing an effective framework. Please cite a minimum of 2 resources including material external to the course.





Question 10 

Select a company of your choice and explain their approach to the three primary strategies for achieving a competitive advantage according to Michael Porter. Your answer should be a minimum of 200 words and cite all resources.





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