Individual Behavior Change Case Study Assignment

Objectives of this assignment are to demonstrate thorough:

1.      understanding of the following models of health behavior, especially regarding the prediction of successful behavior change: Health Belief Model, Theory of Planned Behavior/Reasoned Actions, The Transtheoretical Model (Stages of Change), The Precaution Adoption Process Model.

2.      application of the above models of health behavior to a specific “success story,” analyzing in-class presentation of the individual as well as his personal blog that chronicles his health behavior change journey to date.

3.      synthesis  of theoretical models to expertly explain the important components and predictors of successful behavior change in this case.



This assignment is a single space 5 –7 pagepaper in which you will present the case of Chris Ferguson within the context of health behavior change theory. The assignment should consist of 3 specific parts.


1. An introduction in which you summarize the important points of the case. Put forward the facts: For example: what was the behavior that needed to be changed and why?; What behaviors were changed and what has the outcome been thus far?; What should the reader know to best set them up to understand the rest of the paper?

2. A body in which you explain the case within the context of each health behavior model. Be sure to use the language  (constructs) put forth within each of the models to accomplish this. Provide evidence within the case presentation and blog to support your points.  You may provide individual heading for each of the models if you prefer or simply individual paragraphs.

3.  A synthesis/conclusion in which you identify the most relevant aspects of the models to this case. No model is perfect. Synthesize the most important parts of each model to best This is where you can take the models to the next step. How would you customize a model to describe this specific case?



Chris’s blog may be accessed at



You do not have to include a references cited page unless you access sources beyond class documents and the two above resources. However, it is important to “cite” your evidence  for the case by letting the reader know where it came from (blog, presentation, etc).


Due February 12, 2018

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