A. Imagine that you are a psychology professional working with first-time parents. One parent says, “Should I just let my baby cry so that he does not get spoiled?" Based on the course materials, discuss the importance of the development of a secure attachment in infancy, addressing the following issue:

•How might the failure to develop a secure attachment affect a child later in life? •What parental/caregiver behaviors can help facilitate the development of a healthy and secure attachment in children? Try to provide an original suggestion, one that is unique, and different from what your peers have already provided.

B. According to Piaget, the infant is in the sensorimotor stage of development. David is a 9-month-old infant who can crawl and stand up holding onto something. He can purposefully crawl toward a ball to roll it. He can find objects that are hidden, and he knows how to get his mother or father to come to him when he cries.

•Has David completed the sensorimotor stage? Why, or why not? What behaviors would you expect to see next in David?

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Unit 4 Discussion

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