International Marketing Exam

First Question: Disneyland Paris was one of Disneyland's Global projects. Please discuss its advantages and disadvantages, and from reading and understanding the case suggest what was/were the mistake/s that Disney committed from the beginning till now.

Second Question: Gillette is a giant company and has got a lot of success story globally, from your previous readings and your wide experience as marketing consultant specialized in International marketing. Compare between Gillette in Egypt and Gillette in Indonesia. From all aspects and suggest the best mode of entry for Gillette in Yemen.

Third Question: Please be sure to answer all parts of the third question. 1- In the recent past there has been an increase in the number of Egyptian companies extending their services to neighboring countries. (a) Briefly describe the nature and form of joint ventures as a mode of market entry and discuss the advantages over other entry modes. (b) Critically discuss the factors affecting the means of international market entry decision.

(c) Critically discuss through examples why a company in Egypt should consider overseas manufacturing?

2- XYZ Company has been operating in Egypt for the last 10 years. The company deals with soft drinks and over the recent years the company has experienced and increased demand in its products. After carrying out research the company has decided to extend its market to neighboring Sudan to tap the opportunities there. Critically discuss the internal and external factors to be considered by the company deciding to go global for the first time. 3- Marketing managers need to be very sensitive to culture if their promotion efforts are to yield results in global markets. Critically discuss the dimensions of culture and how they affect promotion efforts.

Fourth Question:

You are the marketing consultant of Disneyland and you are thinking of a new market to enter in one or two of Arab countries. As an expert in International Marketing please consider the following:

1- Which country will you choose to enter, and why? 2- What is your mode of entry? 3- What should be taken into consideration in this regards? 4- What are the advantages and disadvantage of opening in Arab country? 5- What are the main obstacles that you are expecting to face?

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