intro 1 and 2

post your autobiography to this Discussion Area. Read and respond to the autobiographies posted by other students. The intent of the assignment is to help you establish rapport with your classmates and develop a collaborative learning community.

Include the following details in your autobiography:

Your name and occupation.

Work experience or life experiences that will enhance your learning in this course.

How you think this course will improve your ability to think critically and to interact with others professionally.

Two expectations you have from the course, in terms of either what you hope to learn or how you hope to use the material in your profession.

The personal or professional experiences that have influenced the way you approach critical thinking.


Assignment 1: Opening Discussion—Autobiography and Information Sharing

Begin this assignment by introducing yourself to your instructor and peers—state your name, the city you live in, your current occupation, prior education/degrees, and other information such as interests, hobbies, etc.

Include the following in your introductory note:

Your experience from your present or past job as a leader or a follower or both

Your reasons for studying leadership

Any other work and/or life experiences that will contribute to your, and your peers’, learning in this course

Your expectations from this course

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