ITEC 630

Week 1
1. Describe how business uses information systems and provide some examples for each information system."

2. A systems analyst needs a variety of technical, business, and people skills. Identify academic courses that systems analysts should have that would help them in their future professional careers. Specially, what courses would help systems analysts with their problem solving skills?

3. Many students today do not fully appreciate what it was like before automated information systems. Discuss some current systems to explore what the problems were before they were implemented. Discuss about what a current system could do and then talk about what it was like in the “old days.” The following list of systems could be considered for this discussion and it would let students know if the problems are solved or not.

Telephone system
Buying a car
Payroll system
Savings accounts
Stock trades
Applying for a mortgage loan
Checking out a book from the library
Buying a book
Paying taxes
Student course enrollment system
University course scheduling system

Week 2:

3. Think about your own university or college and choose an idea that could improve student satisfaction with the course enrollment process. Currently, can students enroll for classes from anywhere? How long does it take? Are directions simple to follow? Is online help available?
Next, think about how technology can help support your idea. Would you need completely new technology? Can the current system be changed?

Question: Create a system request that you could give to the administration that explains the sponsor, business need, business requirements, and potential value of the project. Include any constraints or issues that should be considered.

Week 3:

1. All six methods of information gathering discussed in this week lecture take a lot of time. Do you think that there are some ways that systems analysts could collect the required information while saving time? Please offer your opinion on this issue.

Week 4:
1. Suppose you are explaining the concept of prototyping to your manager to persuade her to approve the prototype approach to a proposed system that you are working on. Her response to your explanation is that “prototyping is a waste of time and money”. As a systems analyst, how could you respond to her?

Week 5
3. Your manager recently mentioned to you that “since data flow diagrams and systems flowcharts provide redundant pictures of an information system so we don’t need both. As a result, we can eliminate one of them to save time and deliver our system ahead of timer.” Do you agree with your manager? Please respond to your manager with your comment as a systems analyst

Week 7
1. What is an associative entity? When must a many-to-many relationship be modelled as an associative entity? Provide some examples demonstrate this issue.

Week 8
1. Database normalization is a very important process in designing and organizing tables (relations) and their columns (attributes or fields) in a relational database. Therefore, what are the consequences (problems) if a database was designed without it? Would the database still work?

Week 10
1. Explain the reasons why the study of HCI has become increasingly important for systems analysts and for the SDLC.

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Date Due: 
Sunday, September 30, 2018


ITEC 630 week 1 to week 10

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