Job Outlook Memo

Instructions: Research the job market for graduates in your major (Civil engineering) and in a one to two page memo describing the job outlook in your field (prospects for the coming decade, salaries, subspecialties, promotional opportunities, etc.). Write for high school seniors interested in your major

Sources: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a job outlook for various positions in various industries; it also provides information regarding the salary, job description and educational requirements for those positions. 

Professional association websites can also contain information about the work environment as well as the occupation's overall role in the industry.

When I evaluate your memo I will consider:

-Does the memo explain the profession or career clearly? 

-Provide factual information?

-Supply evidence derived from research?

-Targeted to your audience, high school students? 

Other considerations:

Is the memo clearly and logically organized?

Is the style and tone appropriate for the intended audience?

Is the memo well-written, grammatically and mechanically? 

Does the memo meet the minimum word requirement? 

Are all sources cited correctly using APA style?

Field of study: 
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