Leadership-The Final Strategic Plan Part 3

REMINDER : This entire project is to be written and presented in the first person as the CEO. There is no minimum or maximum length

Strategic and financial analyses are just words and numbers without the right people in place to execute the plan. The final component of your research prior to your presentation requires that you assess the “human element” of the organization. This includes: taking stock of the culture; examining team structures; reviewing incentives to drive performance; and last, but certainly not least, ensuring you have the right people in key leadership roles. As you consider these issues, address the following:

1. Assess of the current situation related to leadership, management, and organizational structure. a. Explain key roles of personnel and team(s) b. Explain any recent changes that were made and the reasons for those changes c. Explain any challenges/limitations that exist within the current structure and offer your recommendations

2. Describe and defend what the organization should look like 12-36 months from now? a. Should there be any changes to the mission, vision, values? If so, why and how will you implement these changes? b. What are the current unchallenged assumptions about, “how work is done around here”? Explain. c. Describe and defend how you will align people, processes and resources to your vision over the next 12-36 months, considering the following: i. Which are your strategic positions/roles? ii. iii. Where will your talent be coming from? How will you develop your talent? iv. How will you motivate your talent to overachieve? v. What is your performance management plan? vi. How will you differentiate performance?

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