letter to CEO regarding succession of company

For this assignment, you need to read the two articles in this folder, that address sibling rivalries and daughters in family businesses. The articles in this folder are: Sibling Relationships and Intergenerational Succession In Family Firms by Friedman, S. D. (1991). Family Business Review, 4(1), 3-20; and/or Research on Women in Family Firms by Rocio Martinez Jimenez.

Write a formal letter to a CEO (2 to 3 pages) who is in the process of choosing the next CEO between his son and his daughter (both are currently working in the business), to take the lead of his company, and advise him on the succession steps he must take. You will write the letter as if you were a Family Business Consultant, and you will recommend that he/she reads the two articles mentioned above. Your letter must include what are the top 3 most significant lessons learned from EACH article and why.

To receive a higher than average grade requires drawing upon reference to readings in other required (and non-required) family business readings including but not limited to Poza, Hilburt-Davis and other cases we have looked at.

Higher grades, also, can be achieved by making connections with the articles or your own experience to family business best practices: succession planning process, criteria for success, spouse roles, CEO exit styles, family and business governance, etc. In addition, the recommended websites are a valuable resource outside the course texts. As always, where appropriate, carefully cite sources as well as where or what in the outside material was relevant for you, for example citing one of the criteria for a successful successor provided by Poza Figure 6.1 page 143.

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