A Look Toward The Future Of Technology

Review Figure 1.6 “Top 5 management concerns and 5 most influential ITs”, located in Chapter 1 of the text. Select one (1) out of the top five (5) management concerns that you believe is the most important. Then, select one (1) out of the five (5) most influential ITs that you believe would support the top management concern that you previously selected. Next, analyze whether or not changing your management concern would impact the IT that you chose. Justify your response.


1.  5 management Concerns: IT and Business Alignment

2.  Most Influential ITs:  Collaboration & Workflow Tools.

IT and Business Alignment.

Aligning IT with business means leveraging opportunities for IT to support business strategy and improve success. IT-business alignment depends on the IT department understanding strategy, risks, opportunities; and the business understanding IT’s potential and limitations.

Collaboration and Workflow Tools.

These tools help people work together in an organized way and manage their tasks more effectively regardless of their location. Employees and managers expect to be able to do work from their mobile and digital devices. Hendrick Motorsports is one of the most famous and highest-winning NASCAR racing teams. For details on how the crew uses Group Chat to collaborate on racetracks, view Video-1-2.


Collaboration NASCAR and Hendrick Motorsports microsoft.com/casestudies/Microsoft-Lync-Server/Hendrick-Motorsports/NASCAR-racing-team-uses-Lync-to-put-themselves-in-a-position-to-win-the-race/4000011091

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