LP2.1 Planning

Use the business subject guide for your research on this assignment. 1. You are teaching a management class at a local community college. Anne is a sophomore who is also a successful business owner. She enrolled in your class to improve her management skills. She sends you an email asking about planning. Specifically, she asks about the role of planning in managing an organization. Include in your response to her: . A discussion on strategic, operational, and business unit plans and how they relate to planning for an organization. . At least one example of a generic change model (this will be taken form scholarly journal articles) with an example or scenario to show how it works. . A discussion on organizational change and the role that planning plays in the process of change. . At least three strategies for overcoming resistance to change. APA style, Double space, 500-700 words. The book is Management 12th edition by Richard L. Daft With One -two references.
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