LTC310 WEEK2 1. Medicaid Eligibility


1.    Medicaid Eligibility


2.    Guide to Long Term Services and Supports


3.    What Are My Other Long-Term Care Choices?


4.    Long-Term Services & Supports

Choose one community program and research the qualifications for clients to receive services. Do you think these requirements are too strict or too lenient, or neither? Why? How might the community be affected if these requirements were changed?


Long-Term Care Today: Turbulent Times Chapter 1

          5.   What is and has been the role of informal caregivers in the long-term care system?

       6.   What is a continuum of care, and where do long-term care services fit in that continuum?


     Long-Term Care: Managing Across the Continuum (4th ed.), Ch. 8

 7. What two community programs do you think would be most beneficial for your community?     Why?

8. What are some of the legal and ethical issues facing community-based services providers and consumers?




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