MBA-620 Marketing Management

Conduct a situation analysis of the business using the guidelines below:You are to select a business venture that they are familiar with to conduct a situation analysis. The business should be in Columbus or nearby. Conduct a situation analysis of the venture that will include an investigation of the following issues:

columbus , ohio

(maybe the company is Starbuck)

  • The cooperative environment that the venture operates within, including suppliers, workers, and others.
  • The competitive environment of the business, including whether there are opportunities to win new customers, drive competitors out of business, or join with competitors in a collaborative manner.
  • The state of the macro economy and how it affects the business
  • The social environment the business operates in, how it may affect business, and how the business can leverage the social factors for business success
  • The political environment that the business is functioning within. Is it favorable, unfavorable, or neutral? What can the business do to improve things?

SubmissionYou will deliver a 2-3 page paper that provides the situation analysis of the venture under consideration. The paper can be based on both primary and secondary data. You should address each of the topics listed above.Upload your assignment to the Turn It In dropbox below.         

APA FORMAT  included reference page , 


1. APA: Any work submitted without source citations and references will constitute plagiarism and will receive a grade of zero. You will not have the opportunity to resubmit the assignment to improve the score.


2. Percent in Quotes: No more than 10-12% of any given document can be in quotes. Exceeding this percentage will result in a matching deduction of points for the assignment and may result in a zero on the submission.
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