MGTCB/526: Managing In A Changing Environment

Assessment Information

Southwest Airlines is a well-known company featured in our textbook. Throughout the course, you will take on the fictional role of an intern at Southwest Airlines Human Resources. You will utilize the textbook and other professional resources to complete your assessments.

Your first weeks on the job are filled with learning the ins and outs of Human Resources and the industry. Your manager informs you that one of your projects is to assist with a new HR strategy for the company. This strategy is broken down into 3 parts that you’ll work on throughout the course. They are: 

  • Examining current practices

  • Talent recruitment and selection

  • Strategy recommendation

Your first task for this competency assessment is to examine Southwest's current HR practices, as reported in public sources. 

Download and Review the Rubric!

Download and save the Competency 1 Assessment Rubric and use it as a guide when completing your assessment.

Assessment Directions

Examine Southwest's current HR practices, as reported in public sources. Download the HR Design Decisions worksheet

Field of study: 
Date Due: 
Sunday, November 14, 2021


MGTCB/526: Managing In A Changing Environment

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